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What is Market Research?

Market Research Analyst

General research is a systematic or scientific way of evaluating any problem, issue, or case study to give a solution. In contrast, a market research analyst is the collection of data, gathering information, knowing the preferences of the individuals about the new products or services, and evaluating the gathered data to know the sustainability of the product in the market. As a result, it gives the owner knowledge about consumers’ will and decides the worth of the product in the market. It can be conducted by the companies or organizations themselves, or by giving tasks to third parties. Furthermore, it is helpful in evaluating the product and consumer’s needs and preferences.

Functions of Market Research

Market research is a way of gathering information, preferences, and requirements of the product in accordance with the consumer. So, it has many functions. Some are as follows:
1.      Managerial function: help companies, organizations, or business developments in their planning and management of products according to the market.
2.      General function: market research helps in maintaining relationships between companies and consumers. So, it has social functions as well.
3.      Economical function: it helps in evaluating the success or failure of new products, and gives directions to companies in spending money on new products and services.

Importance of Market Research

Market research has multifaceted functions and it is important for all the companies in the contemporary marketplace. Modernization paved the way and made it easy to collect data and evaluate it. Thus, it is a need of time and place for every company or organization to do market research before introducing new products or services in the market. Some of the bullet functions due to which market research is important are as follows:
1.      Information about the product and consumer preferences.
2.      It helps to determine what customers want and need.
3.      Predictions by knowing what customers want and need, and help to determine the quantity of product production.

Types of Market Research

There are two types of market research depending on paradigms and tools used: direct market research and indirect market research.
1.      Direct market research: based on qualitative and quantitative data and the data is collected by third parties. The data collection methods are sample groups, individual interviews, and ethnographic research.
2.      Indirect market research: use data collected by government agencies, media, economic and commerce sector, etc. The methods used in indirect market research are public sources, economic and commercial sources, and educational institutions.

Career and Job Opportunities in Market Research

The multidisciplinary field has multifaceted functions, so there are many job opportunities such as market research analyst, jobs for collecting data, outsourcing research, tools used and the skilled person, etc. According to a recent survey, it has been shown that by 2030 130,300 jobs will increase due to job creation by market research.

Market Research Analyst Salary

The expected salary of a market research analyst is based on the experience and competency of the analyst. Many surveys have been conducted such as by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Brooking Survey, etc. have shown that market research analysts can be brought on a median salary of $65,810 in 2020.

Market Research Facilities

With time, the marketplace is also increasing and it becomes a need for every company to conduct market research before introducing new products or services. So, there is a 99% chance of availability of a market research facility near me. For example, when I search on Google “market research near me” Google shows a lot of options for me such as international research force in Islamabad, poultry research institute Islamabad, etc.

Conclusion: Market Research

Market research is collecting data about the preferences of consumers, and the wants and needs of the consumers to evaluate the quality and quantity of products by the companies. To begin with, market research helps in planning and maintaining the number of products. Furthermore, it helps in maintaining a stock of the product according to the consumer’s needs and preferences. Moreover, it is the process by which companies can guess the worth of a product according to the market. Finally, it helps in competitive research of the product according to existing and new products. Hence, market research which is conducted by the research analyst helps in gathering information and use of investment in the right direction to achieve goals.
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