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Video Interviewing; a Better Chance to Improve the Chance of Hiring Candidates

Video Interview

The post-COVID era has made video interviews a common thing. Previously, interviews were conducted physically and the interviewer properly judges and analyzes the attitude and qualifications of the interviewee. The video interview is a way to evaluate a candidate remotely. For video interviews, both the candidate and the interviewer must have a perfect virtual connection. In COVID people widely use the Zoom App to conduct classes, interviews, meetings, etc.

Video interviews are considered the fastest and quickest technique to cover a vast scale of the candidate. It also happens when both are in different locations and the working conditions are feasible. The opportunity for working remotely has also increased and people prefer to work from home because it is the most convenient method to make money. Such interviews are frequently carried out during the initial phases of the employment process or when traditional screenings are not possible. Video interviews are better for hiring candidates and it also increases the chance to connect with people virtually.

Types of Video Interviews

There are mainly two types of video interviews;

Two-way Interviews: This is probably the most popular sort of video interview, often known as a synchronous video interview or live video interview. Applicants and recruiters connect at the same video conference and conduct their interviews in real-time, despite of where they are.

One-way Interviews: It is the opposite of two-way interviews because it is often called on-demand interviews or recorded interviews. In such kinds of interviews, the recruiter sends a series of questions that the applicant has to answer by recording the video and submit on the video interview site. This is less time taking than two-way interviews because the interviewer can watch it anytime.

The Important Pointers to Improve the Chance of Hiring the Best Candidates

  1. Streamline the Recruiting Process

Whether it is a two-way video interview or one-way the major thing you must evaluate is the knowledge of the candidate about the job and the company. The candidate must be clear about his introduction and also show a keen interest in it. Because it would be a video interview that doesn’t mean that the candidate shows less interest in it. It is still a legitimate interview. The applicant must prepare himself perfectly for the interview like a professional.

  1. Good Internet Connection

When conducting an interview a recruiter must eliminate those candidates who make their poor internet connection an excuse. For the interview, everyone gets the email before time, and thecompany gives you enough time to prepare perfectly for it and secure a good internet connection so that it won’t create any distortion. It can be understood that connection problems happen, but if it happens frequently, then it will waste the time of the interviewer.

  1. The Focus of the Candidate

To nail your video interview, you must reduce your risk of being sidetracked. Social media may also be a massive distraction while in an online interview, so turn off your phone. Turn off the television. Select a room isolated from other people and pets. Shut all tabs on your computer except the video platform that you are working on throughout the session to avoid losing your mental focus. You must avoid all kinds of distractions and must be fully focused on the interviewer.

  1. Applicant’s Body Language

Video interviews are the best way to fight your anxiety of being physically appeared in front of the recruiter. Almost everyone feels a bit nervous about the interview but an online interview gives you the chance to stay home and feel comfortable and free during the interview. The recruiter must notice the body language of the applicant because positive body language is the essential component of every interview. The non-verbal cues are most apparent on the camera, and the recruiter can easily pick a hint more subtly. The majority of people avoid making eye contact and focuses on them or stare at the camera, so it shows their low confidence.

Final Verdict

When conducting a remote interview you must shortlist only those candidates who are fully enthusiastic and avid about the job. A non-serious attitude shows a negative impact on the applicant. Hire people who deserve the job and work for the benefit of the company.

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