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Why Does Russia Want Ukraine?

Russia Ukraine

Russian Resurgence

Russia Ukraine wars date back to the rise of Putin in Russia in 2000. After the disintegration of the USSR, USSR split into 15 independent states of which the biggest in Russia. Therefore, since Putin came to power in the 2000s, the resurgence of Russia started, and so began the proliferation of arms, weapons, and weapons of mass destruction. Russia, thus, has modern technology and is the oldest player in the field of technology, Russia uses her technology to become a superpower in the arena of world politics. Furthermore, it has been using its oil and gas reserves to attract and make the countries that fulfill their oil and gas requirements from foreign countries.

So, the Russian point of view about this scenario is that she wants to regain her lost areas. Therefore, Russia in 2008 invaded Georgia and invaded Crimea in 2014, and war with Ukraine in 2022. There are a lot of examples that depict that Russia wants to increase her sphere of influence such as involvement in Arab Wars, proxy wars in the Middle East, etc. are the Russian resurgence.

Russia-Ukraine Saga

It began in 2014 when Russia invaded Crimea and controlled the southern territory of Ukraine, which connects Ukraine with the Black Sea. Therefore, when Russia took Crimea from Ukraine, NATO and its allies with the European Union started maneuvering in Ukraine to expand the presence of NATO Eastward, whereas, the European Union wants to include Ukraine in the European Union. As a result, Russia felt it is a security threat because of the presence of NATO at its borders. In addition, there was a verbal agreement between NATO countries and Russia that NATO would not be expanded in the eastward direction which Russia claims, and NATO denied. Moreover, Russia claims that Ukraine has nuclear weapons and she was doing nuclear proliferation, so it invaded.

  The interest of Russia to Invade Ukraine

Russian invasion on 24 February 2022 was a full-scale war, but the conflict has had its basis since 2014 when Russia annexed Crimea. Russia claims that the invasion is due to the presence of NATO in Ukraine which is a security threat to its eastern borders. In addition, nuclear proliferation in Ukraine is also a security threat for Russia. Despite the Russian claims, it is evident when we see the historical resurgence of Russia it becomes clear that Russia’s interest in Ukraine was to annex the lost area because Ukraine was part of the USSR. Furthermore, Russia wants to contain NATO and the European Union from their expansion to Russian borders. Moreover, Russia wants to change the world order of hegemonic America to a multipolar world. Also, she wants to change the economic order of the world.

Ukraine Point of View

On the other hand, Ukraine claims its territorial sovereignty and claims that Russia is forcefully annexing the territories of Ukraine. So, due to powerful Russia, she tilted toward NATO and the European Union to control and secure its sovereign territories.

Why is Ukraine important for Ukraine?  

Without exaggeration, the above-mentioned paragraph clearly depicts what are the interests. So, it becomes clear and gives the inside-out story.

  • Natural resources-rich areas which Russia does not want to go into the hands of the West.
  • An ample amount of Russian oil and gas supplies to Europe goes through Ukraine.
  • Ukraine is a way for Russia to the Black Sea.
  • The old part of the USSR that Russia wants back.
  • To contain NATO and the European Union from westward expansion.

News Coverage Russia-Ukraine War

     The media of the world was totally alert in providing news about the Russia-Ukraine conflict 24/7. The News channels include local and international, from all over the world among all the regions such as Asia, the Middle East, Central Asia, Europe, North America, etc. Therefore, international news channels like CNN, BCC, ABC News, Aljazeera News, the Times of India, etc. gave coverage to the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Latest Updates Russia Ukraine War: News

Since the war started in February 2022, the media has been giving the latest updates timely. The media include social media, print media, and mainstream media. Therefore, everyone can easily get an update about the current events which are happening.


War of any type engulfed human lives, so in the war, many people lost their lives. Therefore, humans ought to struggle for peace and cooperation among them. Moreover, the conflict becomes the news headline and the world then understands world politics. When Ukraine goes to war with the power giant lonely because its allies give up in front of Russia, and their sanctions could not bother Russia.

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