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Face Serums for Shiny and Clear Skin

Face Serums

Having a skincare routine is an integral part of protecting your skin from all kinds of damage. Because of their bad previous experiences, not everyone takes good care of their skin. People often avoid taking a chance on their skin. These days, beauty and skincare products are evolving, and each day new products are launched to lure people. Face serums are magical capsules that are intended to change your skin by rendering it a little shinier, younger, spot-free, and overall healthy and attractive. If you’re wondering how to apply a face serum correctly, you’re not alone. It is something to be more concerned about. There are several questions aroused in your mind regarding the usage that is applied after moisturizer. Is it only meant to be used at night? And how much should I put in? If these concerns are preventing you from incorporating serums into your routine, continue reading to discover what to do with a face serum to reap its benefits.

Serums for Different Skin Types

Everyone has a different skin type, and it is vital to know your skin type before applying any mask or serum to your face. If you are unaware of what you are allergic to, then the use of any kind of product may negatively affect your skin. It is advised to visit a dermatologist to know about your skin and then make use of any product. Five basic skin types are mentioned-below for your understanding;

  1. Dry Skin
  2. Oiling Skin
  3. Combination Skin
  4. Normal Skin
  5. Sensitive Skin

Some serums are made for the daytime, which protects your skin from the scorching beam of the sun, and as the world is full of pollution, the dust can also make your skin itchy. A vitamin C-containing facial serum is the best to use during the daytime. Because Vitamin C is antioxidative, it can guard your face against free radicals (unstable atoms that can harm skin cells) and other toxins when you are out. You can also combine it with sunscreen to protect your skin from all impurities.

Nighttime serums are made to give your skin a soothing effect when you are off to bed. If hyaluronic acid serum can be implemented and used during the day, it’s best to apply it at night, particularly when this is your first time incorporating such a product into your skincare routine. Serums, like vitamin C, make your face more sensitive to sunlight. It is better to use sunscreen to avoid any skin problems.

Serums for daily use are also available. Hyaluronic acid serums can be used to add moisture to the skin at any time of the day. As the weather conditions are unpredictable so it is critical when deciding whether to apply this nutrient because you want to ensure that hyaluronic acid can bring moisture from the air or take away all your skin’s moisture.

Incorporate Face Serums into Your Skincare Routine

Once you try to introduce face serums into your skincare routine, take into account how you’ll incorporate them by adhering to the guidelines below.

  • Apply it Slowing

When you introduce a new skin product, ensure to apply a small amount of it on your face to check the side effects it has on your skin. Retinol serums should be taken every other day at first, but later on, makes it a part of your daily routine. To begin using retinol serums and exfoliating serums, you should use them once a week.

  • Ask an Expert Before Mixing it with Active Ingredients

People usually mix serums with other active creams and solutions that are harmful to the skin. This can cause an adverse effect on the skin. Some serums are applied after the moisturizing creams, but it is not necessary that every face serum can be applied with another cream. You must ask an expert or read the description of the serum to get a better understanding.

  • Appropriate Layering

Do not apply face serums on raw skin. It is vital to do cleansing and toning, then apply face serum after moisturizing your skin. It is vital to have a clean face if you want the serum to show an effective result on your face. A highly nutritious moisturizer will enclose everything, allowing the serum’s active ingredients to benefit your skin. Always apply sunblock, consider it the final step to making your skin brighter and shinier.

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