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What are Commonwealth Countries?

Commonwealth Games 2022

Commonwealth Games 2022 Nations which is also known as ‘Commonwealth’ founded in 1931 till the end of World War Two, so formerly it is known to exist between 1931 and 1949. After World War Two, the colonies under the British Monarch formed an association including the United Kingdom. Therefore, the association was formed and the sovereign states accepted the British monarch as their symbolic head. Thus, this association is for friendly and practical cooperation among the sovereign states under the Commonwealth association.

Hence, Commonwealth Nations, which is also known as Commonwealth, is an association of sovereign states which acknowledge the British monarch as their symbolic head to execute friendly relations among them.

Any of the sovereign states can apply for its membership which is not a former British colony.

How is the Commonwealth Association Formed?

After World War One (1914-1918), the British and its allies with America won World War. So, it gave impetus to the British to increase its sphere of influence such as by colonization. The colonies of British were found in different regions of the world i.e. Asian Subcontinent, Africa, Southeast Asia, etc. Meanwhile, the economic stagnation due to war and the great depression makes it difficult to manage the colonies. Furthermore, the start of World War Three and the movements started against colonization gathered the colonies to get their sovereign territories. So, the British think of making an association that will have the former colonies as friends in their relations with each other. And in 1931, the Commonwealth association was formally formed.

Membership: and Procedure to Apply for Membership

At first, it was the association of former colonies, but later the criteria for application for membership were changed. Now anyone can apply for membership in the Commonwealth Nations. The criteria to get membership in the Commonwealth is that if any state accepts the British crown as the symbolic head of the state, it can be a member of the Commonwealth Nations.

Members of the Commonwealth Nations

There are 54 members of the Commonwealth Nations which are sovereign states. Pakistan and India joined the Commonwealth Nations when they got independence in 1949, but Pakistan left in 1947 and rejoined in 1989.

Structure and Functions of the Commonwealth Nations

      The Commonwealth Games 2022 association’s structure is different from other international bodies because it has no legal and formal binding obligation to the member states. Therefore, the member countries are bound together by shared norms, friendly relations, and economic interests. Furthermore, the sovereign states send their representatives to general meetings, and decisions are taken with consensus. Moreover, the meetings and decisions are based on trade, friendly relations, self-interest, etc. The representatives of the states are known as high commissioners who form the secretariat of the Commonwealth Nations, which is headed by the secretary-general of the Commonwealth.

Games: and the Commonwealth Nations

The association arranges games among the Commonwealth states, it was started in 1930 and conducted by British Commonwealth Games. Since it started it has evolved and conducted multi-games around the world. Thus, the games conducted by the Commonwealth are held annually.

Commonwealth Games 2022

     The annual games scheduled Commonwealth held annually, the schedule games 2022 released from 28 July 2022 to 8 August 2022. The games will be held in Birmingham, England. The games included in the schedule are boxing, weight lifting, rugby, hockey, swimming, lawn bowl, squash, athletics, badminton, road cycling, etc. These games will support and increase the bond of friendly relations among the member states. This will give impetus cardinal function of the Commonwealth-to keep the friendly and practical relations among the sovereign nations.

Conclusion: Commonwealth Nations and the Commonwealth Games

Commonwealth is an association among the sovereign states which are members of the Commonwealth and acknowledge the British crown as their symbolic head. To ensure friendly and practical relations among the member states it arranges annual high commissioner meetings and arranges sports or games between the member countries.  To begin with, the Commonwealth Nations function to maintain friendly and practical relations among the member states. Furthermore, it has promised to manage trade relations between the member states. Moreover, has the function resolve disputes between member states as mediators, but decision will not be binding on the states. Finally, Commonwealth Nations arrange games between member states to give awareness about cordial relations and cooperation among the member states.

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