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CAPTCHA Solving Bot

CAPTCHA Solving Bot


For several years website owners fighting against the bots because it was affected the sites to an extent and become a hurdle in their successful business approach. This problem solved CAPTCHA, an acronym for Completely Automated Public Turing Test for Computer and Human Apart. CAPTCHA Solving Bot  was first founded by Alan Turing in 1950. He was a British Mathematician also known as the founding founder of Artificial Intelligence, the purpose of developing AI evaluate whether the computer can perform an intelligent task just like humans. CAPTCHA designed to check whether the task is done human or a machine. In this situation, the computer software works as a robot to fulfill the commands which also called bots. CAPTCHA assures that the given task completed by a human and a bot will always fail the test. Through this, the private information of humans saved in the system.

All of us once went through the CAPTCHA test as sometimes it gives us certain letters and numbers in a vague manner and asks the user to rewrite the characters correctly. Those called the CAPTCHA test. CAPTCHA is only way detect malicious behaviors of bot, and through it, we save websites from all kinds of harm. CAPTCHA creates difficulty for bots and makes it easy for humans to decipher in a matter of seconds. CAPTCHAS can found in many forms like a number, letters, images, time-based CAPTCHAS, audio-based CAPTCHAS, etc.

CAPTCHA Solving Service

CAPTCHA solving services or AIPS are the software systems that are designed to solve the CAPTCHAS by using a human approach or to done automatically. Recaptcha used for this purpose to perform web scraping with ease. ReCAPTCHA solves all the CAPTCHAS and gets into the site without passing any test. Although to some extent web scraping considered illegal because the web scraper tries to get the personal information of the website. But if the website is public then it won’t considered a crime.

CAPTCHA Solving Service Use Two Methods for Working

OCR Solution: OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition, this service works automatically and solves all the CAPTCHAS as fast as it could.

Human-Based solution: In this Humans are employed to perform the task of captcha solvers and they are bound to active. They decipher the message and deliver them back to you.

The benefit of using a human-based solution is that it can identify CAPTCHA more accurately than OCR. Human automation is innately better for detecting CAPTCHA as the service providers give an incredibly simple API to communicate with their CAPTCHA-solving service through the internet. But the human-based solution will take a lot and it won’t be cost-effective. In contrast, the OCR approach is relatively better because the majority of websites use simple CAPTCHAS to secure their sites and OCR can easily recognize those CAPTCHAS and it will save your time. It also provides the guarantee that work will free from all errors and that it is completely based on accuracy.


With 2CAPTCHA you can use the human-powered CAPTCHA service. It enables to detection of CAPTCHAS rapidly and correctly. An API will received to streamline the CAPTCHA solving process and it will connect to your application to get benefit from the 2CAPTCHA solution. The API is HTTP based and it serves both HPPT and HTTPS protocols. If you want to easily solve the CAPTCHA you must follow these 2 simple steps:

  1. Deliver the CAPTCHA to the 2CAPTCHA server
  2. Obtain a task ID
  3. Begin a testing loop to attain the result.

2CAPTCHA solving service is convenient and cheap to use. It just asks to get registered by API and it will enable you to solve all the CAPTCHAS within second.

Final Verdict

CAPTCHA is the most protected way to secure your websites from all kinds of scams and it kept improving over time. To avoid encountering CAPTCHAS you need to purchase the CAPTCHA solving bot to solve the CAPTCHAS and let you in smoothly. OCR is best for this purpose because its main goal is to detect CAPTCHA and solve it. It won’t cost much of your money and will take less time comparatively. So, I hope this article has all the elements you need to know about CAPTCHA solving bot.

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