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These models of Kindle will lose access to the Amazon Kindle Store

Amazon Kindle Books

This week, Amazon notified some Kindle owners who still had a few outdated Amazon Kindle Books and models attached to their accounts. According to the warning, some models will lose access to the Kindle Shops on August 17, making it impossible for customers to browse, purchase, or rent books using older devices. This may appear to be the end of the road for individuals who own an EoL e-reader, but there is still hope. Continue reading to find out which models will no longer be supported by the Amazon Store and how you may still purchase new books about them after the August deadline.

List of Kindle eReaders Losing Store Access In August

Amazon provides assistance with the following. Kindle e-readers are now available starting August 17th 2022:
• Kindle International (2nd generation)
• Kindle DX International
• Kindle keyboard
• Kindle (4th generation)
• Kindle (5th generation)
It’s the first period Amazon has totally disabled access to the Store for older Kindle devices. Unfortunately, the corporation could not give an explanation for this adjustment. The development comes only weeks after Amazon revealed ePub compatibility for its latest Kindle e-readers.

How to Buy e-books From The Amazon Kindle Store LaterOn August 17th?

The email from Amazon advises readers to explore and purchase eBooks on using a web browser on their phones, PCs, or tablets. The same is true for purchasing books you already own; you may move them to your smartphone using the Send to Kindle app. In addition, you may buy books from other retailers and sideload them to your Kindle by email or USB. Open your mail box for the deal if you have an impacted device.

Amazon Will Introduce EPUB Compatibility for Kindle eReaders While Discontinuing Support for MOBI and AZW Formats:

According to an Amazon support website, EPUB files would then be readable on Kindle e – readers. Previously, users had to transform them to the MOBI format (through the Calibre tool) before transmitting the books to their devices. Amazon is also discontinuing support for the MOBI and AZW formats in the Send to Kindle app. These modifications are scheduled for late 2022, so we may expect an official software upgrade that includes EPUB support. Even on recent devices, the Store is incredibly sluggish to load. I have a Kindle 10th generation eReader and can attest to this. However, I’ve used it to purchase and view Kindle Unlimited books. On the other hand, I’d rather have security than convenience.

How Can I Download Kindle Books From in UK?

Amazon has imposed a fictitious geographical limitation .com is, in essence, a domain name. The Amazon Kindle shop is available to all Amazon customers worldwide (with the exception of those who have an account address in a nation with its own Kindle store). Only Amazon accounts with an address in that country may access nation-specific Kindle stores, such as’s Kindle store. As a result, only UK devices with a UK Amazon account may access the Kindle shop for Amazon Kindle Books UK. Anyone with an Amazon account from a country other than the United Kingdom can access the Kindle shop. The same is true for the recently created Kindle shop, which is exclusively accessible to those with German or Austrian addresses. It’s based on the home address/billing address associated with your account, not the online account you use.

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