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5-Star Hotels In The US for The Best City View

The US is one of the most famous countries in the world. It is the best place to spend your holidays. The country has many beautiful cities to give you breathtaking views of different fascinating places in different cities such as San Francisco, New York, California, Las Vegas, Las Angelus, etc. Each city has its specific specialty so for holidays you can go anywhere in the US because every country is a full package of thrill and beauty. There are numerous beautiful places in the US to explore and enjoy your vacations, it doesn’t matter whether you are alone or with your family, you will surely relish the place.

The view from the hotel must be exquisite because if the view is beautiful then it will make you sleep with comfort and ease. It is obvious that people their time in hotel for rest so it must have the serenity in it. Whether you prefer the brilliant lighting of a metropolis, an unending stretch of the ocean, mountains, or plain terrain, these hotels in the United States have the greatest viewpoints around. I have mentioned some best 5-star hotels in the US that provide an outstanding city view so have a look at them;

  1. The Langham- Chicago

This hotel is situated in the River North district in a Mies van der Rohe-designed tower. This hotel offers a beautiful position at Wabash Avenue along the Chicago River; it also has suites having roof window panes that exhibit the cityscape and boat activity on the stream beneath. In addition, the hotel room itself is very luxurious that gives you complete comfort. Even while bathing you can enjoy the admiring and stunning views of the city from the large square windows. The services they provide are also very satisfactory along with food services. The Langham serves an exceptional version of seasonal American cuisine.

  1. Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay- California 

Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay is a magnificent hotel that is positioned in the south of San Francisco on a majestic length of shoreline that has unmatched vistas of sea and shore underneath. This hotel provides something that you always imagine out of a glamorous hotel room. It has opulent suites having luxury baths and mattresses with goose-down comforters, along with a spacious sauna. Moreover, this hotel also provides a peaceful view out of the window with a very calm environment to make you fall in love with the place. Apart from the view, it also offers many facilities including a warm indoor swimming pool, exercise facility, lighting table tennis, and many more.

  1. Four Season Hotel- New York

New York is the capital city of Americana and it is the most beautiful city in the US. This city is the best to spend your vacations because every sight of this city is mesmerizing. Four Season Hotel in New York reaches 52 stories above Midtown, Manhattan. The view from this hotel’s room might not fascinate you because the city looks a bit crowded from the windows of the Four Seasons Hotel. The rooms of this hotel are large and well ventilated which gives you a natural experience.

  1. Brush Creek Ranch- Wyoming

Brush Creek Ranch is considered one of the top luxury hotels in the United States of America. This hotel is located at an enormous commercial cattle station in Wyoming. The resort facilities include flowing meadows, beautiful river basins, thick woods, and dramatic cliffs, all of which make up a setting in which you may retreat in real luxury. This place represents a symbol of a worldwide premium location. The sprawling resort has a restorative spa as well as lodging accommodations, interior villas, and homes.

  1. Waldorf Astoria- Las Vegas 

This hotel gives a satisfactory view of the city and desert. This place is an ideal blend of peace, elegance, and grandeur with no distractions. The Sky Lobby on the 23rd level offers a stunning entrance to a sleek cafe, fine dining, and subtle opulence. In this hotel you will see breathtaking views with contemporary décor and the services it offers are also tremendous. The bathrooms are glorious, with panoramas from the floor-to-ceiling windows. Nothing, however, matches the hotel’s three leading rooms, which each stretch 3,000 square feet.


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